The Battle of Los Jiotes was the last major engagement of the Fonseca War that took place in the town of Los Jiotes, El Salvador. It was the only defensive position of the Honduran Army in Salvadoran territory.

Prelude Edit

After the Honduran defeat at La Union the army became demoralized and fled into dissaray and regrouped at the occupied town of Los Jiotes. With what time the amry had, they started setting up static defenses such as trenches, barbed wire and sandbag positions.

Battle Edit

The Salvadoran army, reinforced with new troops and equipment launched an attack on the Honduran defenses using the 4 available A-37 Dragonfly Light Attack jets to bomb Homduran positions. The morale of the Honduran army quickly fell apart and started scrabbling and hiding throughout the towns, over 100 reports of human rights violations were reported on this engagement alone all by Honduran military officers. After 1 whole day of fighting the Honduran Army retreated out of Los Jiotes and were pushed back to the border.

Aftermath Edit

When the battle ended the chase to the border continued but after the war a UN Human Rights investigation started to investigate the human rights violations in the town.

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