The Fonseca War better known as the Fonseca Clashes was a 7 day conflict between (February 18th 2018- February 24th 2018) between Hounduras and El Salvador and was resolved by the OAC (Organization of American States) by brokering a ceasefire and a peace treaty resulting in no border changes.

Background Edit

Honduras and El Salvador were at rising tensions even before the war over fishing rights in the Gulf of Fonseca. Honduras starts a tense dispute with El Salvador over 3 islands in the gulf, both nations decided to mobilize their militaries near their southern border, mainly near the Salvadoran port city if La Union. The staring contest between both armies ended when Honduran mortars fired on the town of San Felipe.

GOF Photo

Gulf of Fonseca from space

Early Honduran OffensiveEdit

Better known as the La Union Offensive, Operation Lost Delta was a 3 pronged attack that started with an artillery barrage on the Salvadoran border towns of San Felipe, Los Chaguites and Piedras Blancas while 3 Honduran A-37 Dragonfly light attack jets bombed Salvadoran positions across the coast. As the bombings went underway 15 600 Hondurans crossed the border with 40 M29 light mortars, 4 Scorpion light tanks, 6 Humvees, 6 Saladin armoured cars, 2 M101 Howitzers and 3 M102 Howitzers. A Salvadoran light platoon attempted to delay the forces at San Felipe which resulted in a short skirmish that lasted a few hours.

At 9:00 PM Honduran forces opened fire on La Union, damaging the major buildings of the city center. After 2 days of house to house fighting the Honduran assault forces were pushed back out of the city.

Salvadoran Counter-Attack Edit

With the victory at La Union and the reorganization of the Salvadoran army, the Salvadoran general launched a counter-attack to push the Hondurans out of the country.

After continuous retreat the Honduran army dug in at the town of Los Jiotes and were pushed out a day later.

The rest of the war was confusing skirmishes along the borders and resulted in minimal damage at most until the Organization of American States forced a ceasefire between both nations.

Aftermath Edit

After all of the confusing skirmishes a ceasefire was forced by the Organization of American States and amounted to no border changes and now a US Destroyer will be stationed in the Gulf of Fonseca.

Order Of Battle Edit

El Salvador Edit

-1st Infantry Brigade Edit

  • 1st Infantry Battalion
  • 7th Infantry Battalion

-2nd Infantry Brigade Edit

  • 3rd Infantry Battalion
  • 6th Infantry Battalion

-3rd Infantry Brigade Edit

  • 8th Infantry Battalion
  • 12th Infantry Battalion

-4th Infantry Brigade Edit

  • 2nd Infantry Battalion
  • 9th Infantry Battalion

-5th Infantry Brigade Edit

  • 4th Infantry Battalion
  • 5th Infantry Battalion

-6th Infantry Brigade Edit

  • 10th Infantry Battalion
  • 11th Infantry Battalion

Split Between All Brigades Edit

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