The Close Support Deal, ordered by the Honduran government as a 120 million dollar The whole deal began in early 2017 and deliveries of the planned equipment would begin in mid 2017 and end in 2020.

Purpose Edit

The major purposes of The Close Support Deal was not originally to fight a war against El Salvador, the original purpose was to replace a portion of the Honduran towed artillery, an increase in air policing and new patrol ships to deter drug smuggling. When tensions increased the purpose changed to defend against El Salvador.

Equipment Ordered Edit

  • 20 M4 Sherman Tanks
  • 16 Scorpion Light Tanks (3 Complete)
  • 24 2S3 Akatsiya Self Propelled Guns (8 Complete)
  • 3 40-ton Patrol Boats (none complete)
  • 1 120-ton LCU Landing Craft (None Complete)
  • 7 F-5 Tiger Light Jet Fighters (None Complete)
  • 15 A-37 Dragonfly Light Attack Jets (2 Complete)

Complications Edit

Due to the small industries, limited shipbuilding capability and no major aircraft manufacturing companies in Honduras production became difficult and most of the equipment ordered could not be delivered in time.

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